In today’s day and age, it seems that everyone wins world titles in WWE. They’re passed around like hot potatoes and everyone seems to get their time. In a lot of cases, the wrestlers do deserve it. Sometimes, they do not (I’m looking at you, Jinder Mahal.)

In the 80s and 90s, world championships generally stayed around one superstar that was tasked with carrying the promotion. That person was not always the most talented. Rather, it was the person that promoters perceived as the biggest draw.

Here is a list of the greatest wrestlers never to climb to the top of the mountain. Keep in mind we won’t be including the AWA here.

Razor Ramon or Scott Hall

This guy had everything: The looks, the size, the charisma, and the wrestling skills. There was just one little problem: He had some substance abuse problems. While it is unknown how bad they were in WWE, they definitely hounded him in WCW and put a kibosh on any push he may have received there.

Jake the Snake Roberts

One of the greatest interviews of all time, Jake Roberts likely just didn’t have that world champion “look” despite his amazing promos and believable ring-style. Like Scott Hall, he eventually started to suffer from substance abuse problems that derailed his career.

Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig

This one hurts, because he was just so good at everything. Hennig could easily have won a title in WWE or WCW. If Bret was able to do it, there was no reason it shouldn’t have happened for Mr. Perfect.

Magnum TA

Magnum was poised to be the guy in the NWA. He had charisma to spare and the fans were completely invested. Unfortunately, a car accident broke his back and ended his career before it could reach its pinnacle.

Ted Dibiase

If WWE had a primary villain in the 80s, it was the Million Dollar Man. He was always scheming some way buy the WWE Title. The closest he ever came was when Andre the Giant won the belt after some twin referee shenanigans and tried to hand him the belt. Alas, you can’t do that. The title was vacated and a tournament was held.

The Million Dollar Man never got that close again.